Curriculum Vitae (EN)

Ing. Rodolfo José Alcázar Portillo
rodolfo.alcazar.portillo@gmail.com; NIE Y0555335Z, born La Paz, Bolivia, 30/04/1969

(Entities located in La Paz, Bolivia, unless specifically mentioned)

  • Cisco CCNA certification, Technologies Transfer Center, 2002
  • Networks/Comunications Specialization postgrade, Aquino University , 2002
  • Internet/ Intranet Postgrade, Franz Tamayo Private University, 2001
  • Systems Engineering, Catholic University, Cordoba, Argentina, 1993
  • Bachelor in humanities, American Institute, 1988
Specialization Areas
  • Implementation, management and administration of network and systems facilities (at present preparing material for possible publication of a book: Administracion de Centros de Computo - IT Facilities Management)
  • Free software for enterprise applications and systems management
  • Networks, data communications and Internet/Intranet technology; communications equipment of voice and data networks (Cisco, Motorola, mainly; routers, switches, firewalls)
  • Information and data management; systems auditing; informatic systems and communications standards
  • Operating systems: Linux, SCOUnix, Ultrix, AIX, Windows
Experience related to the position

2003 - 2010 Systems administrator, GTZ
  • Specialized technical consultancy to governmental clients (local and foreign) in design and implementation of IT services;
  • IT facilities and data/voice networks design and implementation; supervision of LAN and WAN network cabling and interconnection with 6 offices in several city locations;
  • Implementation of Intranet/Internet and administrative services for internal clients;
  • IT services and systems management.
2000 - 2003 Networks and Information Manager; Information Quality Control Technician, Ministry of Education (Ministerio de Educacion)
  • IT facilities and services design, implementation and management; supervision of network cabling of 2 Ministry of Education buildings and governmental buildings throughout the country;
  • IT services and systems management;
  • Educational information quality strategy development/implementation;
  • organization of operatives in collecting redundant information in more than 2000 schools in all the country; pollsters and supervisors team coordination (70 simultaneously).
1997 - 1999 Systems Coordinator, World Vision Bolivia
  • Coordination of the IT team;
  • Partners consultancy in Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica ;
  • IT facilities and services implementation and management, based on a design proposed from Costa Rica; supervision of network cabling;
  • Participation in international systems auditories;
  • Strategic and operative planification trainer; participation in revision of 40 operative plans and 6 strategic development plans of projects and national office.
1997 Computer center responsible, Nexxo superagency of Bolivian Stock Market Agency (Bolsa Boliviana de Valores)
  • Participation in implementation of stock values negotiation systems with a Colombian specialists team; participation in implementation of WAN network with 15 agencies of local stock market in several points of La Paz;
  • Network protocols analysis for price fixing, as specialists assistance to ENTEL.
1996 Data Analyst, National Secretary of Education (Secretaria Nacional de
  • Development and implementation of bolivian educative entities database;
  • Network cabling and IT services specifications design for buildings of the Educational Reform Program;
  • Participation in publication of 10 volumes of educative information compendiums.
1994 - 1996 Computer Center Administrator, Banks and Financial Organizations
Superintendency (Superintendencia de Bancos y Entidades Finacieras)
  • National Entities and Persons Financial Database management;
  • Participation in migration of the Computer Center and network cabling and IT services design, SBEF building;
  • Participation in design and implementation of IT services according to specifications of World Bank counterpart.